Sponsor me in Clarion West’s Write-A-Thon!

Just dropping a quick note about Clarion West‘s Write-A-Thon. This workshop is a huge part of my life (yes, I do work for CW now), and we couldn’t do what we do without a huge base of supporters!

This year, we have students from Hong Kong, Nigeria, Croatia, Malaysia, the UK, and Brazil! Many of our students received some form of scholarship support, and I am absolutely delighted with how they’re doing at the mid-workshop point. They truly are a talented group of writers who will be making waves in the speculative fiction community.

If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, or more (see my goals), please consider donating! My profile is here, but you could search around and see what other writers are offering as well. The more donations, the merrier!

The Clarion West Class of 2018 bids third week instructor Yoon Ha Lee a fond (& fangy) farewell.

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