Fun Cities and Collections

My contest-winning story “Fun City” is now available to read at Flyway Journal!

You can also check out the podcast of “Collectors” over at The Overcast.

I’ll be traveling (without a computer!!) for the next two months, so updates will be unlikely. My itinerary:

August 8-17: Japan (Nagoya/Gifu/Kyoto/Gujo)
August 17-24: South Korea (Seoul, Daegu)
August 25-30: Thailand (Chiang Mai)
August 30-Sept 1: Thailand (Phuket)
Sept 1-4: Singapore
Sept 4-10: Indonesia (Bali)
Sept 11-23: Australia (Melbourne)
Sept 24-26: Australia (Sydney)
Sept 26-Oct 1: New Zealand (Wellington)

It’s a combination research/writing trip, with many stops with writers along the way. If you’d like to follow along, I’ll post some image updates on Instagram @jaewolfington. See you in October!

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