2022 Awards Eligibility/Wrap-Up

It’s only November, I know… but once again it seems it’s that time.

My story “The Angel’s Call,” published earlier this year in F&SF, is eligible for all short story awards. It is a queer story, featuring a trans protagonist and their trans partner attempting to survive an apocalypse of religious proportions. Charles Payseur calls it “a bloody story of identity and fighting against the pressures to be predatory, and winning that fight in a rather profound and wonderful way.”

You can purchase an ebook of the May/June issue here. If you’d like to read the story and cannot afford an ebook, please reach out to me through my contact form. (I can also be reached on Instagram or, for the time being, Twitter.)

Catching Up

If you missed it, my story “Earl Grey” (2021) is collected in Baffling Year One, published by Neon Hemlock Press. Consider picking up a copy, or checking out some of their other titles, they are doing fantastic work.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for announcements about forthcoming stories! I have work that will appear in Lightspeed (a trans Red Riding Hood retelling) and Beneath Ceaseless Skies (an elder queer’s journey to save their partner and discover their place in a mostly binary world) that I can’t wait for y’all to read.

Happy fall!


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