Welcome to Snowy Seattle

I’ve relocated to Seattle to continue my work for Clarion West! I’m constantly enchanted by the mountain views and gorgeous lakes. Less enchanted by all the recent snow, but it’s starting to look more like typical Seattle winter again. Hopefully all of the natural beauty will be feeding my writing as well…

BroadKnowledgecover-alternate-frontAnd because I’m here, I’ll be attending Emerald City Comic Con, coming up March 14–17. I’m also making plans to attend the Nebulas Conference in LA in May.

Additional updates: in October, Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up to No Good was released. It includes my story “Blood Sausage,” which investigates the fraught connection between an engineer and an android sex worker.

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, my site is now JaeSteinbacher.com!

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