“Chimeras” Makes the Longlist for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy

It’s been a whirlwind of a spring (I pulled together a 290-page creative thesis, I graduated from NC State’s MFA program) and a summer (trips to Seattle to see my Clarion West community and then to Kansas City for Worldcon). So whirlwindy, in fact, that I forgot to blast the news that my story “Chimeras“–the first story I sold, although Terraform beat Escape Pod to the punch in publishing me–is a Notable Story in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016.

What this means is that “Chimeras” was chosen from all of the stories published in 2015 to cross editor John Joseph Adams’ desk and placed on a longlist. The (about 80) stories on this list were then handed to guest editor Karen Joy Fowler, who chose the top 20 for publication in the anthology.

While it won’t be reprinted in the antho, I’m in good company with writers like Ted Chiang, Kelly Link, Sofia Samatar, Kij Johnson, Charlie Jane Anders (seriously, too many good writers to list here)… and colleagues of mine like Helena Bell and Alyssa Wong. Not to mention, Karen Joy Fowler! read my story. Not too bad for my first sale.

You can check out the Notable Stories here and pre-order the anthology on Amazon–or wait until your friendly neighborhood bookstore puts it on shelves in October.

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